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2015 March 27 Clinic

A great turn out! About 20 players participated in the clinic. It was the instructor's first time and she was surprised to see so many people. Too bad we didn't have 3 courts. Maybe next time. We did approach shot and volley drills and some played a few games of doubles. Great people playing a great sport.

2012 Oct 27 Clinic

While the Giants were playing at Detroit in the World Series, a group of faithful SCTC members attended the last SCTC clinic for the year. There were about 6 attendees, who were split into 2 groups. John reviewed the year's lessons and fine tuned the technique to return shots to the forehand/backhand when the player doesn't quite have the perfect positioning desired. This included dealing with low or jamming shots, or otherwise times when you're in a slightly defensive position. Also the necessary technique to hit a successfull slice serve - the ball toss, swing direction and body position after the serve.

2012 Sept 28 Clinic

Instructor John Chan went over the finer points of adding power and spin to the backhand.

Some key pointers are getting under the ball and avoiding the "swinging gate" motion which results in a flatter ball. There were over 16 attendees, players were split into two courts where players would start the rallies with a backhand. Of course results were mixed, there were occasional backhands hit with spin, and some into the net. The clinic session concluded with tips on hitting overheads. John demonstrated how to place overheads left or right, with a simple turn of the wrist.