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2011 Year end dinner pictures

2012 Year end dinner pictures

2013 Sept 7/8 - Mixed Doubles Tournament

Santa Clara Tennis Club hosted a Mixed Doubles Tournament on September 7. It was supposed to be a two day tournament like last year, but due to low attendance we fit it all into one day. The day was hot,hot,hot and we had a total of 8 teams, 4 teams for each flight. One 8.0 team showed up without their partner but quickly picked up a player on the courts! We had some really nice matches and very long points. Thanks to all the teams for participating.


T.Truong/C.Madsen vs R.Sunkara/W.Oei
S.Natarajan/J.Arsenault vs V.Ramakrishnam/L.Harendza

G.Bittner/S.Bittner vs G.Jones/J.Hoggatt
C.McCullough/C.Madsen vs vs L.Zhang/R.Jiang

1st place: V.Ramakrishnam/L.Harendza
2nd place: R.Sunkara/W.Oei

1st place: G.Jones/J.Hoggatt
2nd place: C.McCullough/C.Madsen

1st place: T.Truong/C.Madsen
2nd place: S.Natarajin/J.Arsenault

1st place: L.Zhang/R.Jiang

2013 July 13/14 - Adults Doubles Tournament

On July 13/14 SCTC held a member and guest doubles tournament. Some entered for fun, others to prepare for adult league playoffs. There were competitive matches for all levels as there was a full consolation round and at least two matches guaranteed for everyone. The cost was a nominal $20 for SCTC members, $25 for guests. Results and participant pictures are below.

The Draws

Mens 4.0
Womens 3.5

The Players

2012 Sept 22/23 - Mixed Doubles Tournament

SCTC held its first tournament in many years on September 22-23. 34 players in 3 divisions competed for the club mixed doubles title. It was a competitive tournament, but also designed to be fun, with a consolation draw, food, and a gift for all the players.

The 7.0 division was the smallest, with only three teams, so a round robin format was used. Emi Iuzuka and Hang Lee won both of their matches, and emerged as the 7.0 champions. Runners-up were Luzmaria Martinez and Thomas Dunham.

The 8.0 division was the largest, with nine very competitive teams. The 8.0 champions were Jennifer Adams and Chetan Uttarkar, finalists were Angie Morey and Shawn Kim, and the consolation winners were Rachel Okazaki and Craig Kanetake.

There were five strong teams in the 9.0 division. Fiona Wong Prudhomme and Susumu Ueno emerged as the champions, Taryn Ishida and Matt Montana were the finalists and Joy Lenz and Ray Chiu were the consolation winners.

The champions and finalists each received an SCTC embossed towel, and the participation gift was a drawstring bag embossed with the club name. Everyone appeared to have a great time. The weather was beautiful, there were many spectators on the bleachers to cheer on the teams, and there was plenty of food, fun and laughter. The club hopes to continue to have yearly tournaments, perhaps with men's and women's doubles/singles as well as mixed.

The tournament committee consisted of Carrie Bell, Roger Okamoto, Taryn Ishida and Helen Matsumoto. Jeanette Hoggatt, Luzmaria Martinez and Marshall Madamba also assisted.

Tournament Pictures

Mixed 7.0 Iizuka/Lee
Mixed 8.0 Adams/Uttarkar
Mixed 9.0 Ueno/Wong

Mixed 7.0
Mixed 8.0
Mixed 9.0

Mixed 8.0 Consolation
Mixed 9.0 Consolation