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2011 Year end dinner pictures

2012 Year end dinner pictures

2013 Sept 7/8 - Mixed Doubles Tournament

Santa Clara Tennis Club hosted a Mixed Doubles Tournament on September 7. It was supposed to be a two day tournament like last year, but due to low attendance we fit it all into one day. The day was hot,hot,hot and we had a total of 8 teams, 4 teams for each flight. One 8.0 team showed up without their partner but quickly picked up a player on the courts! We had some really nice matches and very long points. Thanks to all the teams for participating.


T.Truong/C.Madsen vs R.Sunkara/W.Oei
S.Natarajan/J.Arsenault vs V.Ramakrishnam/L.Harendza

G.Bittner/S.Bittner vs G.Jones/J.Hoggatt
C.McCullough/C.Madsen vs vs L.Zhang/R.Jiang

1st place: V.Ramakrishnam/L.Harendza
2nd place: R.Sunkara/W.Oei

1st place: G.Jones/J.Hoggatt
2nd place: C.McCullough/C.Madsen

1st place: T.Truong/C.Madsen
2nd place: S.Natarajin/J.Arsenault

1st place: L.Zhang/R.Jiang

2013 July 13/14 - Adults Doubles Tournament

On July 13/14 SCTC held a member and guest doubles tournament. Some entered for fun, others to prepare for adult league playoffs. There were competitive matches for all levels as there was a full consolation round and at least two matches guaranteed for everyone. The cost was a nominal $20 for SCTC members, $25 for guests. Results and participant pictures are below.

The Draws

Mens 4.0
Womens 3.5

The Players

2012 Sept 22/23 - Mixed Doubles Tournament