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The Santa Clara Tennis Club is a community tennis association sponsored by the city of Santa Clara for the purpose of fostering tennis participation in Santa Clara. Club memberships run January through December and may be renewed for the following year. Yearly membership benefits include:

  • Monthly newsletter and membership roster
  • Monthly mixers (social tennis for all levels), March through October
  • Tennis clinics to improve your game, free to club members
  • Annual Bob Hughes Memorial Pig-Out (tennis and lunch)
  • USTA Teams
  • Club tournaments that are competitive, yet fun and friendly
  • Annual End of the Year Tennis Dinner in November

The Pig-Out, tournaments and year-end banquet are all partially subsidized by the club, keeping prices low for members.



Santa Clara Residents Non Residents
Single $20.00 $25.00
Family $20.00* $35.00*
Juniors (Under 16) $10.00 $12.50
* $0.99 for each additional family member



Each membership type (single,family,junior) may be paid via Paypal. Please completely fill out the membership form - including full name, address (street,city,zipcode), phone, email address, gender,etc. Resident memberships (single or family) must have a Santa Clara home address.

In some cases, proof of Santa Clara residency may be required.

Here is a sample completed application

  • Single
    The Single membership is typically for one Adult - resident memberships must have a Santa Clara home address.

  • Family
    The primary member (Resident/Non-Resident) pays the family rate. Each additional member at the same address pays $.99 (99 cents). Please note that each additional family member must have the EXACT SAME address as the primary member. For example, if the first family member lists 39 de Anza Blvd. (with the period) - each succeeding family member must have the same (39 de Anza Blvd.) address. 39 DeAnza Blvd. or 39 deAnza will not match. For family memberships with two adults- each Adult should pay with their own credit card or Paypal account, as payment indicates your signing of the Waiver. Parents/Guardian pays for minor children and assumes responsibility. Each family member receives the same club benefits. Resident family memberships must have a Santa Clara home address.

    In order to get the $.99 rate for additional family members, you must sign up with the Family membership.

    After you fill out and submit the form for the primary family member, each succeeding member must fill out another form and follow the same process. Your home address will be matched and you should only be charged $.99 (99 cents) at Paypal. If this does not occur, try again with the correct home address. For any questions, email

  • Junior
    This membership is for Juniors (under 16 for the entire calendar year). The Adult parent/guardian fills out the form and pays for the Junior.

The entire membership form must be filled out. This means all checkboxes must be checked (New/Renewal, gender, membership type), and name, address, city filled in. After the membership form is completely filled out, clicking the Waiver box will bring up the Paypal button. If the Paypal button doesn't appear, then you missed something! Re-check.

If you have any questions or need your exact home address to complete memberships for additional family members, email

You may fill out an online version of the membership form HERE and pay via Paypal. Click here to get the list of current and past club members.