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SCTC members who are interested in captaining a team must contact the club USTA Representative at least two weeks prior to the close of team registration, as designated by USTA, to seek permission to run a team. The earlier the request, the better the chance of board approval.

The SCTC board will then vote to approve which teams will be allowed. Due to limitations set by Lifetime Tennis and other factors, not all team requests may be granted. Late requests may be allowed on a case by case basis if there is still space available.

  • Captains (or a designated representative) must attend all SCTC board meetings, in order to be kept up on city and club requirements. Currently all board meetings are conducted online using the Discord app
  • Captains/teams are required to perform some voluntary service for the club during the year. Examples are helping at club functions such as mixers, running/assisting at club tournaments.
  • The board and the captain must mutually agree on what service will be acceptable.

USTA Captains must read the following documents and verify that they understand the guidelines set forth at Santa Clara Tennis Center . Refer to Lifetime Tennis at Santa Clara Tennis Center for the latest up to date information.

Advanced Group Reservation Policy

USTA League Reservation Guidelines

Advanced Group Reservation Form

Captains are responsible to make sure that all of their team players are members of Santa Clara Tennis Club before they play their first match . Club members are listed on the membership page .

Captains who do not follow these requirements will first be placed on probation, and given an opportunity to address the deficient area. Captains who do not become compliant with all the requirements within a reasonable time period, as set by the board, will not be allowed to continue as captain at Santa Clara Tennis Center.

USTA Captains wil be asked to sign the following agreement.
USTA Captain's Agreement

For more information, contact the club USTA Representative at

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